Used Oil Disposal

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Feb 21, 2003
I went to my local AutoZone on Sunday with a little over 5 gallons of used motor oil and ATF; they were in the translucent Amsoil 1 gallon jugs. The manager asked me if I was bringing oil for disposal and I said "yes" and he said "OK". When he saw the red fluid, he asked me if it was ATF, I said "yes". He then told me he wasn't going to take any of the stuff so I left the store. [Mad] I don't know why he was willing to take the used motor oil but balked at the ATF. Isn't ATF basically a light weight oil with some additives and red dye? What is in ATF that can't be mixed with used oil or does the store manager not know that they can be mixed and refined. [Confused] I realize antifreeze must be disposed of separately, I would suspect conventional brake fluid could be mixed with antifreeze, but couldn't gear oil and ATF be safely mixed with motor oil without contaminating the whole drum? TIA for any information.
I turned in 7 gallons of ATF at advance on saturday. They asked me what it was and then had me sign the log. They said that ATF, Oil and ps fluid were fine, but no antifreeze.
Yes ATF is fine...just mix it with motor oil so it turns dark so you don't have to worry about morons like that.
Originally posted by Jason Troxell: Yes ATF is fine...just mix it with motor oil so it turns dark so you don't have to worry about morons like that.
Yea-that's what I do. [Big Grin]
The shop that I have do my mechanical work takes oil,ATF,PS,brake fluid mixed.Anti-freeze is separate. RichR
My favorite wrench has a waste oil burner. PLUS he lets me use his lift and do whatever I "can" if he's not too busy. He's 62 ..but he's also the area's "race/steet rod" wrench and only works as much as he feels like (10:30 a.m. starting time) Real nice guy.
Living out in the country, we dispose of oil in many ways. I use it to start bonfires, oil fence boards. A neighbor uses it in his shop for heating. He has a tank that dribbles oil into his woodburner. Any excess we have gets taken to Tractor Supply, as they have waste oil collection. With 3 tractors, a diesel pickup, a Blazer, and I don't know how many "One Lungers", we generate a lot of used motor oil.
I let it run down the gutter! HAHAHAHAHA. Ok, im kidding. I take it to the county landfil since they also are the recycling center.
I use a 5 gal gas can (red plastic) and throw everything in it short of antifreeze, when they ask if its "just oil"...Yep. Never been a problem for me.
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