used oil analysis with flashlight.

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Feb 1, 2008
Im wondering if anyone else has ever examined their used oil with an led flashlight, particularly like what is left in the bottom of the drain pan. Ive never had a car experience a mechanical failure but every drain pan I have ever examined after an oil change with a strong flashlight or even direct sunlight is a scary sight, with at least some metalic looking particles suspended throughout.
On new engines during break-in you'll see some metallic "shimmer" in the oil for the first couple oil changes. Stuff too small for the filter to catch.
I have done a few piston re-ring & replacing all the seals/gaskets, only once did the oil pan have metal shavings (this was a failed engine), all the other oil pans had A LOT of DIRT in them, even after using a solvent cleaner of some sort, brake parts cleaner, and scrubbing with a metal brush...there was always a dirt residue left behind. But then again these were neglected engines before I acquired them, now all of them run flawlessly (my opinion) as I have always gotten better then EPA rated mpgs from these cars. I have never had a new car to maintain it the "right" way to see if they will all still end up at the same point as the used cars I have bought.
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