Used Oil Analysis (UOA) rookie needs help

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Apr 2, 2006
Just got my first UOA back on a new race engine. Only 24 runs on the first oil.
Here are the numbers, anything sticking out that you guys have seen before.
Oil is Schaeffer's Race Oil 20-50 Supreme 7000
Iron- 73
Chromium- 4
Aluminum - 22
lead - 197 (could this be from ARP assembly lube and/or Synergyn assembly lube?)
Moly- 281
Zinc- 1523
Magnesium- 11
Calcium- 1940
% H2O- 0
Silicon PPM- 27
Viscosity CST- 19.05

Notes were: Silicon (dirt, sand) high;
Lead reading high. Either bearings or leaded gas.

This is a 950 Horse Power, 572" Mopar dragster engine. It is run on methanol with a carburetor.

What do you think?

Thanks for your time and thought, I appreciate it!

IHRA/NHRA drag racing.
For future reference trailertoad, you'll want to post this in the UOA section. I'm sure that's where it'll be moved soon.
nice to have a VOA on the schafer oil to compare for all I know they use Lead in there oil??
Maybe not but a VOA will give you a additive background and will keep the report straight.

Copper/iron I would call high but maybe breakin wear. Lead if not from oil/fuel is very high and would hope it will go down but on a 900HP motor lead from bearings would perhaps be exspected.

with this much stuff I would run a shorter drian interval try 12 runs next time remember wear metals will build up and cause more wear metals.

Silicone maybe from anti foam in race oil is very common again that is what a VOA is for if not from oil then dirty air and again shorten running time oil is cheap compared to high dollar motor.

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