use longer filter any benefic ?

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Jun 19, 2007
Im currently running M1-111 filter, and im thinking about switch for M1-302 it 2 time longer then M1-111. just wonder it can use engine damage or any benefic ? thanks
Not too many downsides to it as long as it's not going to be more vulnerable to road hazards and whatnot. If you're into extended drains, I'd say that you'll offset the effects of loading a bit.
Always go long if you can. Just make sure the longer filter is identical in base/O-ring configuration and bypass setting.
Benefit would be more filter surface area so it would take longer to overload it. If you don't run long OCI's then it is probably not needed.

I would also think flow would be a little better as there is more surface area for the oil to flow thru.
some of the manufacturer's will save money on filter medium by not folding the pleats as tightly on the longer filters, but the better ones will have more surface area, which equals a better filter.
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