USA made 0w-30 Castrol syntec

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Sep 11, 2003
St.Peters, Mo
I posted this question in another tread then decided it might need a thread of its own.
This is my first post so bear with me
I went to my local Autozone today and found six GC ,bought same. While I was changing my oil the neighbor came over and he decided to give GC a try, we went back to same Autozone and no GC!!
They had USA made ow-30 no a3/b3 no api sl/cf sl only and it is not green. Is this the same oil??
No, it's not the same oil, differences have been discussed here a few times so quick search should help.

I wanted to buy 12 quarts of this oil to take advantage of the sale AutoZone has on Castrol oils but unfortunately they didn't have enough. I ended up buying only 6 bottles, the rest was US yellow label Syntec. I hope they will restock it quickly as i want to run it in both of my cars.

Originally posted by gtoracer:
Tnx fiCrazy, I will do the search.
Which one do you think will be available a year from now?


That, my friend, is the million dollar question. I can give you a more limited horizon answer...the Autozone from which I have purchased most of my GC, had at least 4 cases least two of which were brand new from the last time I was in there (last Sunday).
Tnx pscholte, thats good to hear.
I just changed my 02 Silverado to 0w-30 for the winter, everything else I own is full of M1. I think I will wait awhile and see how availability is on the Castrol. I did a search and found all the other threads and am up to speed now. Cya gtoracer
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