URGENT TV ALERT! - Extended OCIs on MotorWeek

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Jul 6, 2005
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MotorWeek discusses extended OCIs during Pat Goss' segment this week. I will withold comment so as to not prejudice anyone's opinion prior to watching it.

If by the time you read this it has already aired on your local PBS affiliate, you may also see it next week on SPEED channel or later this year during reruns.
Oil Change Intervals. FYI: there's a section of all the various anacronyms used on BITOG....

oh, and,

if the Elves sang to you Pscholte wouuld you rise a little earlier then? GC for under 4.00 a quart, no buy limit?
On in half an hour here...
except my PBS is in a pledge drive.

I could have captured the closed captioning into a text file too.
Errgh, it only seems to be on 3pm on the high definition version of TPT(the new name for PBS). No high definition here...
Whoops! The one weekend I don't set the PVR to record MotorWeek and Motoring (the Canadian equivalent of MotorWeek) they actually have something on that I wanted to see. LOL

Originally posted by blupupher:
Hmm, it does not come on here till tomorrow @ 11am.

That is because you live on the other side of the InteBITOGian date line...really
I have no concept where/when Motorweek is on my tely.

EDIT - I checked the online list, should be on PBS KCTS here at 1 or 1:30, but it's not.

Goss doesn't seem to be lube expert, AFAIK.

EDIT 2 - Our econo line-up doesn't have SPEED.

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Do you have a cable listing? You will find it on the SPEED channel. It was on at 7AM this morning MDT...it would take a F1 race or LeMans to tempt me to a 7 AM getup on Sat

Originally posted by lewk:
if the Elves sang to you Pscholte wouuld you rise a little earlier then? GC for under 4.00 a quart, no buy limit?

Ja! Si! Oui! Da! and not only that...YES!
Such a glorious happening would make the Elfe Meister very
You know, the Elves make wonderful friends aber befreien Sie nein Öl (but no free oil).
In between shamelessly and exuberantly hawking donated products from their respective companies' advertising departments, Pat Goss managed to recommend reducing the OEM oil change intervals to 1,000 miles or less. (to avoid the high wax content common to widely used paraffinic base oils...).

Hey, would I lie?
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