Upgrading the Kohler 7000 series air cleaner

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Jul 23, 2014
Life is too short and I wanted to upgrade my ZTR’s anemic Kohler 7000 series KT-725-3075 engine from the low profile air cover/filter (3209620S/3208309S) to the high profile version (3209622S/1608304S). The OEM Kohler cost is $16 for a high profile air filter cover and an additional $4.50 beyond the cost of a low profile air filter. Yes, it is 7/8” inch higher in height but it was fun researching and discovering they it was feasible since both used a common base. Decide for yourself if it is worth the $20 and procurement effort.
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I guess we need to thank the Chinese for these prices!
I installed the Kohler parts onto my Cub Cadet. The one in the pic is the Sten 100-062 and it is made in China. ( note: a tight fit ) The Kohler air filter is made by our ombrés in Mexico.
Very nice upgrade! It shouldn't dirty as quickly as the smaller element given more surface area.
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Very nice upgrade! It shouldn't dirty as quickly as the smaller element given more surface area.
I agree it has more surface area- ie capacity to hold dirt with the potential for an extended air change interval. (ACI) The same reason why OPE end users bypass OEM engine filters for passenger motor oil filters- size, price and full synthetic media type. The unfortunate situation is that the Kohler high profile format only offers increased size.
I did some measurements and did some calculations. Based on the available pre-filter size and the air filter circumstances: low profile surface area is 23.75 sq inches and the high profile area is 39 sq inches which is 60% larger. Cost is $11.50 vs $16 or the high profile filter is 40% more expensive. If you have a relatively new rider, it may worth considering since you have hundreds of hours to amortize the cost of the high profile cover.
The only potential issue is making sure the air filter fits snug. I've seen some aftermarket filters not fit tight enough to the intake letting dust into the carburetor and engine. Most are fine though, the added surface area should keep it a bit cleaner longer.
Since you have the same engine I have a Koehler 7000 series on my mower, have you had any problems with oil getting to the air filter? Plus, it'll crank but then when you engage the pto is gasps and then quits, unless I turn the pto off.
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