Update 2003 Corolla-discovered field mice inside

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BUT: for $5k and 36,000 miles, it's still seems like a screamin' steal. Where else will you get a long-lived, 300k car for that kind of price, even factoring in new tires, fluid changes etc right now. Just my $.02.
Oh, wow, get this car! You get cold winters in Ohio. Just park the car with the trunk open and windows down on some frosty nights; the mice will move out if they haven't already. Pull the front seats (should be easy), vacuum and bleach. The HVAC should clear itself out; I'd run it with the blower on and windows open while you still have some fall warmth. You can hose it down with lysol spray through the vents and cowl intake.
That's a good idea! Take the cabin filter out, put the HVAC on high, and spray Lysol through the system. Do it with the A/C on, switch to heat, and then do outside air. Upholstery can easily be cleaned with a rug doctor, or call a good carpet cleaner and have them steam clean the car. Shouldn't cost all that much.


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Hi Bitogers: Pulled the trigger and bought it. No harness issues yet. I even bargained the price down to $4500. Runs good so far. Thanks for all the advice. I have a posting on Maintenance and Repair about replacing serpentine belt. Hopefully you guys can help. Joe