UOA strategy experience help

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Jan 31, 2004
I have only contacted one vendor for UOA testing and have run into an issue that maybe you can suggest and way to deal with. I'm just now swapping oil in my Methanol fuel 14.4:1cr 555cid race engine. Going from Kendal GT 20W-50 to Vavoline VR-1 20W-50. I want to send a sample of the oil with about 25 runs on it, but there web site has options for all kinds of fuel application, but not Methanol.
That's issue one. I'm awaiting an answer back from Blackstone Lab on that. Issue two is I'd like to compare a virgin sample of the Kendal 20W-50 to my used sample and also look at a UOA on a virgin sample of Vavoline VR-1 20W-50. I find it odd they would not have the different virgin samples on file and provide that data on request.
If I went with Blackstone I'd have to send in 3 samples to get that kind of data as it looks now. I understand that's there bread and butter but gezz. It's a one time deal as opposed to possible many UOA test's. Has anyone ever dealt with a UOA vendor that would provide virgin oil data on request? Anyone even considered that? anyone CARE. lol I got to admit that because of my equipment I feel forced to do that to get a good feel for the effect of the 25 runs on the oil. Any help on this is welcome..
Come on, I know with all the UOA stuff here at least you can offder up a few other UOA vendors???
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