UOA on oil

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Dec 28, 2003
I want to do a uoa on my oil to see how it is performing. Car has 72,000 miles and I feel I should change the spark plugs. I have never done a uoa. Will this skew the results? Oil has only 1K now. Should I wait after next change or will any contamination be obvious or minimal?? I'm wanting a good uoa on Mobil 1 10W-30 to include bother Winter and moderate conditions. I just don't want the results skewed by routine maintenance.
I would guess spark plugs would have no effect unless the ones you have currently are really shot. I would just wait till after the UOA as spark plugs usually don't quit working just get less effecient. I change spark plugs in my toyota after 100,000 miles and seems to be very little ware with platium plugs. In my Miata I changed at 30,000 and could see some ware on the copper ones. If you have a high fuel content in your UOA changing spark plugs would help I would think.
The one thing I would worry about when changing plugs is that there is the possibility of getting some dirt into the cylinders, which could then get into the oil. So I'd do a plug swap a day or two before an oil change, so if you did get any dirt in there and it got into the oil, then you'd get it flushed out.
If you can get to the plugs O.K. and are careful to avoid getting stuff in the cylinder then I would just go ahead and change. I'm pretty fanatical about avoiding getting anything in there-so it a non-issue for me.
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