UOA: Mopar Type MS-9417 Manual Transaxle Lubricant, 116 K, 97 Neon

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May 27, 2002
Far North East Texas
Same type fluid, also spec'ed by Mopar for the NV-T350 manual transaxles in the 95-99 Neons. This was the factory fill in my car, sampled when drained at 116,320 miles. Analyzed by Schaeffer Labs back in August '02.

Copper: 373
Iron: 399
Chromium: 2
Aluminum: 9
Lead: 119

Moly: 3
Phosphorus: 2495
Zinc: 1310
Magnesium: 5711
Calcium: 470

Silicon: 84

Viscosity CST: 4.99
SAE: 10W

Sulfur: 25%
Oxidation: 2%
Nitration: 8%
Looks like you need to be changing at shorter intervals. Maybe 30,000-60,000 would be more reasonable with an analysis to conferm. Very high wear metals. I would want to cut by 25% so 25% of 116,000 = 29,000 miles. My Miata 6 speed calls for 30,000 mile changes severe conditions and 60,000 normal conditions.
Holy shear, Batman! From ~9cSt to ~5, huh?

I wouldn't have a clue about the wear metals. Did you go with SynchroGlide? Let us know how it shifts, will you?
I ordered a gallon of Synchroglide, & Molakule informed me that it shipped out this morning. I plan to run a couple of ounces of AutoRx in the old trans oil for about 1000 miles before I drain it.

But soon, my transaxle will be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, & be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

It should at least shift smoother, & might be a little quieter & last longer. As you can see, there's nothing magic about the factory recommended Mopar MS-9417. Chrysler's assertion that the fluid does not normally need to be changed might be-ah- somewhat overly optimistic, don't you think?
I figured, since Molakule's custom fluid costs about the same as the Mopar fluid, why not use the good stuff?!
I bet his SynchroGlide won't shear like that.
What did the fluid look like when you drained it, Stuart? Not that it really matters, but I'm curious.
V1, it's been a few years now, but as I recall the fluid drained at 116K was pretty black & nasty-looking. Some "glitter" showed in the bottom of the drain pan too, but not a whole lot. The glitter didn't really worry me, the coal black fluid did.(I was exposed to "brass/bronze synchronizer 101" long ago
) No harm seemed to be done, though.

The Mopar fluid I drained just a few months ago, that had ~60 K miles on it, looked pretty doggone good, IMO. I installed a magnetic drain plug at the 116K drain/fill, & after 60K it had only a little bit of whiskery dark "mud" sticking to it. If the factory had installed a magnetic plug, I bet at that 116K service it would have looked like Rip Van Winkle!
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