UOA in Canada?

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Apr 6, 2006
Toronto-ish, Canada
Who are your favourites for UOA in Canada. I am in Eastern Canada, near Toronto. I've found a couple of places, all seem to be fleet oriented, and their websites pretty much state that they do fleet oil analysis with few or no contacts, no pricing, no information on how it works, sample kits etc... This doesn't seem very "personal vehicle" friendly, so far, so I thought I'd ask around.
Oil Analyzers in Superior will do what you want. The problem is getting the sample over to the States. The Canada Post will not take used oil samples. Now I have heard of guys getting around this [Smile]
Craig, there is a lab in Mississauga called Wearcheck which is excellent! They've got locations all around the world and even though their website looks like they cater mostly to industrial stuff, they certainly offer a great package for individuals who want to check their own personal vehicles too. Their website is www.wearcheck.ca and if you live close by you can drive right up to the lab and buy your sample kits from them, and you can even drop off the samples there when you're ready for them to be analyzed. That's exactly what I do. If you buy a box of 12 kits, you'll save $10 per kit too. The price recently went up, but before it went up, it was $27 per kit for the MOB2 package (which includes TBN) The regular MOB1 package without TBN was around $20 per kit (when bought in bulk) I've been using Wearcheck for about 3 years now and am very happy with their service. They have a service where you can check your results online and there have been a few instances where I dropped off my sample first thing in the morning and got the final results online that very same day!
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