UOA FAQ: could we have one?

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Nov 15, 2005
North Texas
Is it possible for the experts to put up a table of UOA test elements, with low, "normal", and high readings, with a clear statement of if high or low is bad, and what "bad" may mean to your engine. This would include TBN. If there is a difference between Gasoline and Diesel, indicating that would be great! [Cheers!]
Unfortunately there is no such thing. There are so many variations that it really is not possible. Your best bet is to look at lots of UOA's and get a lay of the land. For instance copper in GM engines might be 10 times higher than non GM cars after maybe even 25K miles. And in most cases wear metals will be related to amount of miles. Forgive me for being simplistic. Probably not much help for you. Also I'm not an "expert" Maybe you'll get better answers. [Smile]
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