UOA and average number

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May 25, 2003
Quebec Canada
I wonder what these average number means. Are they the average number for a type of oil ? Are they the aver, number for the type of engine ? I also wonder if the labs have a library of oil data sheet where they can compare your oil result with new oil.? Thanks
I believe that it is for the specific engine in question. The problem is that it is based upon their ave miles as reported in the samples. So, you may have 5000 miles on your sample but their ave is based upon 3000 so somewhat meaningless. As noted by several on this board in today's computer age it is simple to program the model to produce either a wear metal average in ppm/1000 miles and/or do the calculation to adjust it to your mileage. At least for wear numbers and perhaps silicon. Other issue is that they do not inform you as to how many samples in their database for your engine and year. IF the ave has only two samples, again a pretty meaningless number. Now over a dozen maybe has some value. I was hoping that Blackstone would inmprove this aspect of their reporting but to date they have not.
They tell you the average sample miles so you can compute the ppm/1000 miles. I think knowing the average sample miles is interesting. You know if you are going longer or shorter then the average person. However, while this information is interesting it is not that useful. BTW, I just got driveway confirmation that my sample was delivered today. Lets see how long they take to get me the report. [Wink]
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