Unil 5W50

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May 14, 2013
Hi, Anyone use this oil or brand? description: 100 % synthetic oil with reinforced protection for all automobile engines. GI-V9 is a very high performance multigrade lubricant, covering a large range of viscosities and temperatures ensuring a high anti-wear protection as well as a reduction of inner frictions. GI-V9 is particularly recommended for the lubrication of most modern car engines (petrol or Diesel, atmospheric, turbocharged or multivalve engines) working with any kind of fuel and under any condition: racing, sedan car, motorway, road and door to door driving. GI-V9 is a high technological lubricant which meets the requirements for all motorists. Unil GI-V9 5w50.pdf
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It doesn't meet current ACEA specification. It has very basic MB spec. I would not use this oil in post 00 car, or in a car I like and would love to keep for some time.
I know the Unil opal brand, but never used their products. Looks a bit like an obscure oil blender...sort of an old oil company that stayed local ?
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