Unfit For The Road

Aug 16, 2019
I saw this at a local Kroger's parking lot a while back.
Sometimes you see cars that are in such poor condition, you don't understand why the police allow them on the road.
This truck would be convenient though, you could check the oil without opening the hood.
We were in Galveston a couple weeks ago, when there were all kinds of lowrider cars.

A guy had a 90's Buick, that he just sawzalled the roof off it to make a convertible. I'm sure thats great for the unibody.
I like that it's also pulling a trailer with an older Scag walk behind mower. Maybe the guy flipped his boss the bird last week and decided to start his own landscaping company and needed a truck fast.

Or his 84 month, 8.9% loan payments on his F150 Platinum were just too much and now he lives a simpler and less materialistic life. :unsure:
Common sight in Texas. Caved-in driver's door is my favorite, especially when you can tell the unibody's bent. Align it as best you can, and keep driving.
My 1970 Grand Prix took a right-front hit when I was at college 1000 miles from home. A friend's father kindly brought a pickup full of tools to campus parking and fixed the broken ball joint. We took tin snips to the mangled fender, but it looked a little better than that truck because the hood wasn't involved. I pulled the radiator and took it to a shop, and asked them to plug the leaks but not straighten anything, as it was a custom fit. The shroud on that thing was about two feet deep, so there was no danger of fan interference. After wiring the right headlights and turn signal back into place, it was ready for the thousand-mile trip home in the spring.

I stopped for gas somewhere in western Kansas, and reached through the fender to check the oil. The driver's side was facing the building--the clerk said he was going to compliment me on the nice old car until he saw that.