Under Valve Cover Pictures 2003 Ford Taurus

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in my experience the only engines that stay that clean have enjoyed syn oils most of their lives. I've seen pitting like that on cams in well-cared for vehicles-- you could polish the lobe but I don't think it'd amount to anything - I'd leave it be. It's in great shape. Drive and enjoy! -m
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Looks clean! How many miles on it? smile I hope you used iridium spark plugs, so that you won't have to pull the valve cover again for another 100k at least. I'd use NGK laser iridium plugs and NGK wires
Dude- another 100K---? You've got to be sitting me! If those cams have another 20K I'd say the 300 bucks was well spent. OP-thanks for taking the time to post these pics up. Steve
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Those lobes though...
Believe it or not, not likely to be a problem. Roller followers are completely tolerant of all sorts of pitting corrosion. The lobes with lines are normal.
Toyota V6/V8s can develop the same type of wear - has more to do with the oiling system away from the cam gears - they ride on shims or replaceable lifters.
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