Uncontrolled Oil Pressure

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Jun 13, 2004
Jeffersontown Ky
If the enginr oil pump pressure relief valve sticks closed resulting in uncontrolled (HIGH) oil pressure, what would be the first indication of this problem? There is not oil pressure gauge in the vehicle so that indicator is not an option. What componet is most likely to fail first?
Originally posted by kanling: Probably the oil filter media is the filter doesn't have a useful bypass valve.
Excess pressure won't damage the media unless the media is plugged. It's differential pressure from filter inlet to outlet that colapses media, not total pressure. My guess is that the filter body would be the first thing to fail.
Yeah, what would fail first really depends on what is the cause of the high pressure in the first place. If the filter is clogged, it would be the filter media. If something past the filter is causing the problem, the filter may burst or gaskets may leak.
If this is a traditional distributor driven oil pump ...you may stress either the drive at the bottom of the distributor or the pump shaft. Is this just a general question ...or do you have cause to feel that you indeed have a stuck relief valve [Confused]
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