Ultramar Oil

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Jan 23, 2003
ON, Canada
Has anyone heard of Ultramar oil? Our local Marina carries this brand of oil (10W30 and 2 cycle), and I have not seen or heard of it before. The bottle says that the company is based out of Montreal, but the bottles are all US quarts (946ml). I am just curious if this oil is any good or not. I wouldn't actually consider purchasing it, especially at the inflated marina prices. http://www.ultramar.ca/
They're a second-string chain of gas stations here in Southern California, and I believe the may operate their own gasoline refineries as well. The might be affiliated with Valero and Beacon...??? I don't know if the oil you see is UltraMar or outsourced and relabeled. I don't even recall even seeing UltraMar motor oil inside the Ultramar gas stations I've been to.
As I recall back in the early '80s Ultramar took over all the Gulf Oil gas stations in Canada. I don't know if there is an affiliation, but maybe Gulf Oil and Ultramar are still related.
Thanks for the information guys. We don't have any Ultramar stations in my area, but I have seen them before. However, this was the first time I have seen their oil, and I was just curious of the quality of oil the typical boater is getting at this marina. The bottle of oil said that it was manufactured in Canada. The spec sheets are kind of vague, and don't even list the TBN values. The 5W30 is a thick 11.9 cSt at 100*C though. Mind you these are the SJ spec sheets and the marina is selling SL oil. In any case, I bet the many big boats running small and big block Chevy V8's at this marina could use a better oil than this expensive Ultramar 10W30. The 2 cycle doesn't look that great either. I run an outboard on my boat and I have been using Pennzoil Outboard oil for the last couple of years. According to the spec sheets the Pennzoil has a 9.53 cSt at 100*C while the Ultramar is only 5.9 cSt. I think I will stick with the cheaper Pennzoil.
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