U.S Pennzoil same as OZ Pennzoil ?

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Jul 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Protect your car with America's #1 selling motor oil. Australia's new and improved Pennzoil product range uses the same formulations as what's available in the USA. Whether it's multi-grade, synthetic blend or full synthetic, high performance racing or high mileage vehicle, if you love your engine, preserve and protect it with America's #1 selling motor oil. Remember, it's not just oil. It's Pennzoil. Above is what can be found on Australian Pennzoil site in relation to the new range of oils.....they have phased out the bottles that has 'Made in U.S.A' on them, but now it seems that Shell may be blending most Pennzoil for OZ and Asia, with the semi's and full synths in Singapore i believe....rest possibly blended here in Australia to same spec and formula as in U.S.....if this also means we will use the same quality base stocks instead of Group 1 in just about everything this is fantastic news.....
um no not really hehe, i have not heard anyone talk about the sludge monster. but Castrol and Mobil seem to have the Monopoly here followed closely by Penrite, Shell and Valvoline. Pennzoil, Nulon, Royal Purple are getting popular. Infact, Castrol Magnatec seems to be the sludge/varnish monster of the bores in this town hehe but is the most popular still. The synthetics weather PAO or Group 3 of the big names are really expensive. The semi synthetics are marketed quite successfully despite nearly all being blended with majority group 1.
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I think our PP is a bit different from those in the US. I can only find PP 5W40 on the shelf so it is of different viscosity than the famous PP 5W30. Just a logical guess, the PP over here could be the Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 just in a different bottle, given most Pennzoil oil are made by Shell. Don't forget Motul, it is getting very popular over here in OZ among the performance group of people, especially the 300V series.
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