Typical newbie question because I am new here. What oil for my car?

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Aug 5, 2004
New York
Model=Sentra SE-R
Current Mileage=201,658

First a little bit of history and current status on the car.

The previous (2nd) owner put over 150,000 miles on it himself. He also took care of the religiously, handed me a folder about 3 inches thick with all his receipts and work done to the car by Professional shops, i.e. Nissan, Firestone, etc.. The car runs very strong for the amount of miles on it, partly attributed to the maticulous maintenance performed on it. The clutch is slipping but I hope to be replacing it in the next month or so. I've done a complete tune up on it; Platinum Plugs (OEM), Wires, Rotor/Cap (OEM), Fuel Filter (OEM), Air Filter (OEM), Oil Filter (OEM) and last but not least Exxon Superflo 5w30 (weight recommended by Nissan for this motor). This is the only car I have. Weekdays it will travel short distances, I'd say about 5-7 miles each way as I take the train to work everyday. It will also by my car for the weekends, my GF lives about 20 miles away, so I'd say on the weekend on ocassion I'd put about 100-150 miles. So average about 200 miles a week, maybe more.

Here's where I need the help.

For now I've put in the superflo because its the only oil I had lying around. What I want to do is use a qood quality, yet, inexpensive Dino oil to make this motor last me at least another 50,000 miles. We, as in my brothers and I, are big fans of Mobil Oil. Is that considered a good oil? There is so much information on this boards it sort of over-whelming for a new person. I've read Mobil is okay, but this is better, or that is better, etc.. Also should I change the oil every 3K or 5K (this is what I was thinking)? At some point I was thinking about adding some of the additives mentioned on this board (Auto RX,etc), but I've decided to hold back on that since the car runs excellent mechanically. Its not someting I've totally stop thinking about, just something I don't want to use right now. Any advice on this too?

To make a long story short:

1) What is a good oil I can use?
2) The OEM filter has a plug in the back. Is this good enough or should I go with a filter that has better elements?
3) What interval should I change the oil given my driving habits listed above?
4) Should I use any additives, just yet?

Sorry for the long post. Thought i would reach out to some of the people on this board for help.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks much.
I would use either Chevron Supreme 10w30 or Havoline. No additives! Supertech filter is fine.

Daily Drives:
-2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab, 2.7 Liter , Mobil1 Synthetic SS 5W-30.
ODO 9600 Miles.
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Use up What you have in stock.
Find out with a little time on your hands what to do next, maybe you decide to do an ARX treat,ment
Maybe you decide to let sleeping dogs lie in the ditch, maybe you decide something else....

But one thing is for sure... what you have on had is cheaper than that you have to expend upon.

Then, yes Chevy Supreme
and Pennzoil, or whatever is cheap but named brand should get the engine another 50K...

If you shop the dollar stores you can often find the Havoline there/
In fact a Brotherinlaw buys his oil like that
Havoline at about 1.00 or less a quart... runs several trucks at 8-12K oil changes with no testing over the high 300K's

Don't worry. Use what you got and use the time in the meantime to figure it out.
Tech welcome to BITOG.

Is kinda over whelming isn't it.

I think if it was me I'd run an oil sample before I started messing with success. You know see where you are before mapping out where your going.

Now this is assuming you do not have excess oil consumption or performance issues.
Chevron, Havoline or Penzoil would do fine especially when on sale but I wouldn't push it past 4K or 5K OCI if you going to buy the oil that cheap it's not costing you much anyways. I like the Delo400 or Delvac 1300 personally just a practice but the Motorcraft synthetic blend is at Walmart is another option and might surprise a lot of people of a quality oil it is. Might be a bit more than regular dino, but if you want that synthetic base in there...Hmmm it's cheaper than SpuperTech Synthetic Blend you can't go wrong either way.
Good posts, the oil you have is adaquate and you may find from reading Chevron Supream has produced very good wear #ers and I use it in my Nissan truck.In my SE-R if I were to use a Petro base oil it would be CS but my car is too new I choose a Synthetic. Your car gives me hope that it will go that far too. The Purolator Premium Plus filters can be had on sale at Pepboys 2 for 1 sometimes if not they are not expensive and do a good job. So do some reading and use Auto RX if you choose to but with all the miles ask Frank he knows best.One more thing for the stop & go the Nissan dealer recommended Castrol Blend but that car had a lot less miles. Good Luck

Originally posted by Robbie Alexander:

If you shop the dollar stores you can often find the Havoline there/
In fact a Brotherinlaw buys his oil like that
Havoline at about 1.00 or less a quart... runs several trucks at 8-12K oil changes with no testing over the high 300K's

geez, high 300k in miles? which trucks? Did he have any leaks with the high mileage? excessive oil consumption? I've heard of alot of stories of people getting ridiculous high miles out of using only havoline oil. people always wonder if the chevron supreme version is better
Sometimes I wonder if we are too anal about oil if results like this are posted. You could be using the best oil in the world but some knucklehead can still hit and total your car.
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