Two bypass filters, low pressure variable oil pump, TDI EA 288 Audi A4 &A3

Hello again, I have just published the analysis of 18k in kms.
It seems that everything works fine, currently my car has 22k, I will do another follow-up analysis but I am starting to worry about the fact that the interval with fuel is increasing, here you can see a sudden increase in iron wear, I would say that it draws attention for only 4k in kms, however the other values are incredible. Despite the increase in iron it is still an extraordinary, very low value, 1ppm per 1000km is considered low, however you have to keep your feet on the ground because here there is an increase in oil capacity and increase in filtering capacity, we have 4l of replacement with the change of filters and somehow these 11l of total oil in 18k are key.
The downside is that I don't have references to other Euro 6 TDIs with such a filtration system, I'll have to deduce based on my own analysis.

I'm ditching Costco toilet paper, I'm trying one of the better rolled double-ply recycled TDI plain paper that should have better filtering.

I am concerned about the fact that I have to do so many analyzes in a row to control the dilution of the fuel