Trying to quit smoking..

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Nov 23, 2009
Suffolk County, NY
I was a pack a day man for about seven years.. Now, I have those commit lozenges.. Haven't smoked in two days. They say to try and not do things that you associate with smoking. That's tough when that's just about everything. After a meal, during a beer, at work (anytime), after some action, after this, during that.. I want to crush these lozenges and smoke it in a pipe, lol..
Hey man, good for you! Research shows it usually takes 5-8 attempts on average before someone is able to completely quit smoking. Dont be discouraged, keep at it, try to minimize situations where others around you are smoking, and get support from family and friends. Its a long road, but worth it in the end (I work in an Intensive Care Unit, 50% of the people I see are all COPD patients).
Glad to hear you want to quit; you will not regret it. Stick with your decision. If you have a day where your will power is waning, just watch these videos.
Each minute, each hour and each day that you go without a smoke is another little victory for you. You can do it. Whether it is one minute or one year, the longer you go without smoking the easier it gets to stay quit for good. Stick with it and think about your health and being alive and in good health a lot longer and having more time to spend with your family. I smoked for 22 years, a pack and a half every day. I will have been quit 8 years this December. My main reason to quit was I did not want to be a burden to my daughter later on in life with emphysema, COPD, lung or throat cancer. I will not have her go through that with me. The money you save is a blessing too. You control the cigarettes, don't let them control you. Hang in there, you can do it.
I've been smoke free for 23 years. Before that, I had a 40 pack-year history. It took me 5 tries to finally quit. The first 4 I used nicotine gum. The last time was cold turkey and it worked. There are two parts to nicotine addiction: Physical and psychological. As long as you keep introducing nicotine into your body, you'll keep craving it. The psychological part has to do with how firmly you think of yourself as a smoker. In my case, the thought of never having a smoke again would put me into a panic. I found I was able to quit by focusing on one day at a time. Every morning I'd look at myself in the mirror and make a promise that for that day and that day only, I would not smoke. After about 3 weeks, I realized I had gone a whole day without thinking of smoking. After about 3 months, I would go for a week or more without thinking of smoking. Just hang in there. If you're successful, it will be one of the hardest things you've ever done. But when you've succeeded, you'll realize you're better than smokers and non-smokers alike. You're better than smokers because you've quit. And you're better than non-smoker because you got hooked and still quit.
I had a 3 pack a day habit. I quit cold turkey without any aids. They were in their infancy at the time. Ive been smoke free for 24 years. The physical addiction is gone in 72 hours. However I would literally still reach for a cigarette in my pocket while talking to someone a year later. It took years before I got past the occasional urge. However every single day gets easier. NEVER, EVER GIVE IN! If you do slip get back up on your horse and try again. NEVER, EVER QUIT TRYING! Good luck!
My dad used to smoke a pack a day and he quit cold turkey one day almost 20 years ago after he went to the doctor and the doctor showed him x-ray of his lungs and said something like...if you don't quit smoking you are going to be dead in about 2 years, yup, that did it, choosing between life or dying a painful death. Hope you stay off that nasty stuff, your life depends on it, literally. Good luck.
My mom smoked for 60 years. Now she has COPD and needs an Oxygen bottle or Oxygen Making machine 24hrs a day. W/O the Oxygen she gets dizzy and passes out. That alone should be enough to make anybody stop smoking.
Swedish snus if available where you live is known to be very effective to stop smoking, but it is only trading one tobacco habit for another until you can ween yourself off the nicotine completely.
I worked with many people who used to smoke. What many people would do is decide to quit at the same time someone else was, and that way the 2 people could support each other. I'm glad I never smoked.
I quit after over 30 yrs of 2 packs a day. The only thing that helped was e cigs, i bought a good quality unit and haven't smoke an analog cig in 6 mo. I tied gum, lozenges, patches, chantix (freakin horrible stuff) and honestly i may as well put it all up my backside for all the good it did. All of it was worthless rubbish that does not address the one thing missing for a smoker, having the cig in your hand and dragging on it. The e cig does and gives you some nicotine to boot.
Wishing you good luck and all the strength in the world. Two friends have quit cold turkey, first try. If they could, you can. Here's to a fast, smooth path!
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