Trying to find Mobil 5W20 other then in CanadianTire

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Oct 15, 2005
Hey all you Canuks!... I have only been able to find Mobil1 5W20 in CandiainTire in the Toronto,ON area.. I have even called a few Part Suppliers and they all only carry 5w30 and 10w30... Anyone in the Toronto area that might know what other supplier other then CT carries Mobil1 5W20.. I want to see if I am getting hosed by CT on price.. Thanks
Noco in Etobicoke is supposed to be a bulk dealer of Esso/Exxon/Mobil lubricants, but they have not replied to my emails on pricing quantities and grades. If you are braver than me in terms of waiting on hold for an actual live human you might want to call. While you are at it, can you ask em what the want for Esso XD-3 0w40?
Canadian Tire doesn't move a lot of Mobil 1. Takes months for one location to sell a few jugs. Way more people buy their Formula 1 Synthetic and conventional oils.
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