trying supertech synthetic for analysis

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Jan 20, 2003
Richardson, Texas
Just put that stuff in one of my cars.. A 97 honda civic and draining it out at 5000 mile interval and planning on sending the oil out for analysis. My question is the car has roughly 56000 miles in it and never has seen synthetic. With conventional oil, I think I read somewhere that overtime, it might produce sludge inside the engine. Running synthetic I believe will clean out all that junk, but will it not also affect the analysis??
Check out my oil analysis today in the Used Oil analysis forum. My 98 Monte Carlo has 80K and has had different conventional oils for its life and it's wear numbers with M1 for the first time are very good.
Hey ming, its me JSIR, following you around, he, he, he. With your testing you may get some skewed results from the cleaning properties of the synthetic oil, and you will have some oil left over in the engine which did not drain out. Supertech is probably more of a group 3 oil, still called synthetic but probably without PAO or Esters in it which are more known for their cleaning attributes (which you get with some of the more expensive true synthetics. But by the second oil change you may see things stabilize a bit, still worth testing at the first change to do some trend analysis, more information is always good. Keep us posted on any results, by posting them in the used oil analysis forum. good luck ! [Cheers!]
Ming, Will be curious too see the results when in. Thought about picking up the same product myself, and do what you are doing. My basic thoughts are that all oil must pass certain req. too be certified, even if the oil is cheap in price. Can't imagine going thru the process to sell a product and then have problems there after.Even though as i read more and learn more, i'm slowly finding out that all oil is'nt created equal. Good Luck and thanks for your input.
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