Trying GC in my 300M

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Dec 11, 2005
Cincinnati, OH
Group, I am trying GC in my 300m for the rest of the year. I had Mobil1 0W40 in there for 6200 miles. I sent a sample to Blackstone for analysis.....and I plan on doing the same after I am done with the GC to see how it does. Then I will decide on what to run in my M for the duration. I already notice my oil pressure is my dynamic.... Mine was Gold BTW.... Made in 06. I am using a ACDelco Ultraguard oil filter (UPF2) BTW, I am going to start my fall racing in September. Any thoughts??
it will likely turn to a heavy 30wt, just about right for any engine... Not that there is anything wrong with that, unless you need a heavy 40wt.. so long as it doesnt leave deposits, of course. Im using it in my 04 saab. JMH
I have been using GC Green in my 02 Intrepid R/T 3.5L for about 7 months now (2 OCIs at 10K km each)and the engine seems to love GC. [Smile] Revs are the smoothest sounding even to the occasional red line, and GC has kept the engine very quiet if crusing at 2500rpms. I am sure you and your 300M will love GC. [Canada]
Well, the engine seems to like the GC.... It has lost alot, if not all of the startup tick these motors seem to have. Oil Pressure seems to be more dynamic as well....waiting to get the analysis back from Blackstone on the 0W40 to see what comes of it. But I am thinking that I really like the GC so far.
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