Truck Leaking Fluid?

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Aug 24, 2011
Today At work I noticed my truck has a little puddle under it, anyway, Checked the oil, its on MAX line, the fluid under the truck on the oil pan/tranny was brown/amber color, so that cant be transmission fluid, ill take pics tomorrow morning and check fluid levels again, what could it possibly be?
also, when I changed my fuel filter, I used Lucas Fuel Additive, could this possibly mess with the oil?
how old is your tranny fluid ? older tranny fluid can be a brownish. same for your oil, just becouse your reading full doesnt mean it cant be oil. climb under your truck with a light and start looking, cant be that hard to find.
If the fuel additive was messing with the oil that would be the symptom of a much bigger issue. Chances are you might have a pan gasket or valve cover giving out. Follow the path of the oil from the bottom to the top. After reading your post again if the oil is on the tranny pan also you need to determine if it's there because the wind is blowing it off from the oil pan, or if it's there because the rear main seal is leaking.
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