Truck falls off hoist again

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Aug 26, 2009
2 days ago My friend ---- took his truck, a 2008 trailblazer ss, with 30000 miles to ---------- Chevy for a complimentary oil change. The truck fell off the hoist. You should see the pics. I will post them if I can get them off the phone they are on. They are going to fix it in house. New hood, both bumpers , passenger fender, door and sill, rear tailgate. They were going to "check" it on a frame machine . Who knows what else. It'll be good as new..... They said ,we fix cop cars all the time and certify them for high speeds. I'm sure their resale is as new too. I told him not to take it back and call my nephew the attorney. Gee , no clean carfax anymore. They are trying to avoid a repaired or salvage title by doing it themselves. I would have them buy it for retail. Any other good options?
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Any other good options?
He picks a repair shop and an appraiser to determine the loss of retail value. They pay for the appraiser, loss of value, and repair cost (and interim rental vehicle, of course).
Yes don't take their word for it. My sister's unoccupied parked car was damaged by another driver who lost control coming around a corner. I was thinking that the cost of repair must be close to the value. The shop that came to do the appraisal said no that they could do the job. Needless to say, the car was not the same afterwards. Everybody will do what's in their interest. Your friend needs to look out for what is in his interest.
I'd get an insurance company involved in this one. I understand them wanting to fix in house. But what short cuts are going to be taken? I wouldn't trust them. Get and insurance company to look at and do an estimate? I've been using a lift for 26+years and never droped anything. I've had a couple close calls with long trucks and diesals. How'd they drop a trailbalzer ss???
Wait...<span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">again</span></span>?! Meaning the truck has fallen more than once from a hoist?
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Wait...again?! Meaning the truck has fallen more than once from a hoist?
+1 ^^^^
Unbelievable. The guys in the shop need some serious re-training on how to get a car on a hoist. Talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen.
My ex's 3/4 ton pickup fell off the lift while the dealer was putting a water pump on it under warranty. Once they finally gave it back to her (which took a half a day alone), she had it flat bedded back to the dealer which she bought it from, and told them that it was a trade-in, and that they needed to dealer-trade her a brand new one in just like it ASAP. The truck has $12,000 in damage, and this was in the late 90's. The dealer who dropped it was promptly sued, and they made full restitution for what they had done.
There is sure to be undercarriage damage also. Sounds like the shop is in a hurry. Get the lawyer involved before you sign anything.
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Imagine if it was a Suburban,or H2 Hummer... Back years ago,a shop had a customers 77 Cutlass slide forward off the lift and did a nose dive into the work bench.Took them a while to get that heavyweight back to the ground,with who knows what for damages.To top it off,they lost the oil fill cap too.The brainiac that ran the shop later would get out of the repair business and went into being a car salesman....he wasnt successful at that either,the dealership went under.
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And that is why I'd almost rather have a prostate exam than take any of my vehicles to a dealership for anything.
AND a rootcanal at the same time!
negligence will eventually kill someone in that shop. They were lucky they only dropped the car on the ground, and not on a person
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