truck close to 100k should i use a thicker oil?

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If you are reffering to 5W30 conventional then yes 10W30 is going to be a huge step up. I have a very low opion of conventional 5W30! You might consider useing Auto-Rx,Nuetra 131 or Lube Control.
Hard to say for sure without knowing the oil you're using now, your change interval, etc. I'd say generally if it's not using any oil I'm probably keep going with what you've been doing...

Most owner's manuals recommend 5W-30 but allow 10W-30 subject to certain minimum climate temperatures. 10W-30 is not much of a bump, and that's always my choice.

If nothing has changed, then no, there is zero reason to change.

If you are trying to combat using oil, or setting a smoke screen, etc..., then yes, go ahead and change.

As far as switching between a 5w30 and a 10w30, that works fine, I used to do that between summer and winter. Now I just run 5w30 (or 5w20 or 5w40) year around with no worries. Running enough engines out to over 200,000 miles using nothing but 5w30 covnetional oil since '88 has worked fine for me!
Wear is inevitable. I think it makes sense to step it up to at least a 10w30 and probably a high mileage one.

Originally posted by jmorg1980:
been using conventional motorcraft 5w30 changing it every 3k

Can't go wrong there but for this topic it would help to know what make Truck and engine series along with how it's used
it would help to know what make Truck and engine series along with how it's used


They're not all the same. Without knowing this a bunch of guesses are being thrown around.


MAN I need to learn to type faster!
In Kentucky I would certainly use the 10W-30 in the summer months. Motorcraft 10W-30 in the summer and 5W-30 in the winter with your 3k OCI would probably do very well.


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MAN I need to learn to type faster!

It took you 2 hours to type that ?

Just kidding

jmorg1980 ,

Light duty , no oil consumption , 3k mile intervals it would be hard to better the Motorcraft but given the above and the cleaning ability of the new Mobil Drive Clean Plus syn blend and the fact it's offered in a 5w-30 , well it just might be right for you . I think it's 50 cents more a quart than the Motorcraft.

Clean slowly while you drive

Originally posted by jmorg1980:
2001 F150 Supercrew 4.6 V8 use it mostly just everyday driving

Here in the eastern side of the bluegrass state I like 5w30 in cooler weather and 10w30 in the summer months only.
I for one think if your starting to use any or more oil between changes make the change. If it still uses the same or as much perhaps you should go to a dino oil like Delo 400 15W40.My truck has 140000 mi. and it didn't use any but it started to leak some. I changed the pan gasket and put in some 20/50 Castrol I had laying around perfecto.I like the Chevron so I may stay with it.

Originally posted by jmorg1980:
Is there really a whole lot of difference between the ttwo to even worry about it?

Not these days ......... the 10w-30 ISLAC GF-3 oils shear down too and I really don't think the sheared vi improvers will sludge a motor with moderate drains given the great D/D additives in most oils today .

I like the new Motorcraft because it is near a 12cSt oil to start with . So it's thicker through most of the interval than the one that starts at 10cSt and shears to 9.1

I like the idea of a PAO blend with high detergent and good low temp properties too along with reasonable pricing . Thats why I brought up the Mobil HM oil .
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