Trouble finding Trop Artic???

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Nov 25, 2005
I finally found some trop artic at a Wal-mart today! My local wal-marts all carried t/a but now I haven't been able to find any for months... Has anyone else had trouble finding it? I also noticed that it said "synthetic blend" on the front, it didn't say that before did it? Still $1.48 qt.
It's been syn. blend for quite a while... My WalMart usually has a good stock of it, but I noticed over the weekend that they are running a fairly low supply.

Been $1.48 for quite a while too.
That's funny that I've never noticed that it's been advertized as a syn blend. I did know that it was a grp III/II mix.
I've never seen a bottle of trop arctic. Cant find it in my area, yet kendall is plentiful.

Just bought 6 qts of 10W-40 last night from WM ($1.48). No mention of "synthetic blend" though.
The 5W-20 version is synthetic blend, too - at least when it occasionally appears on shelves. I'm not certain whether the 10W-40 TropArtic is even rated SM. For JTK, if Kendall synthetic blend is available, buy it - same thing as TropArtic except for labeling. (Truth be told, "TropArtic" sounds like some dorky naming convention K-mart or Walgreen's might've come up with.
"Kendall" has a nice ring off the tongue that suggests something premium. I wonder how many people avoid using Castrol because of some deep seated childhood anxiety over how gramma dealt with every inconsquential little tummy ache...)
The 10W-40 I bought last night is SM rated. I plan to use it in my Auto-RX rinse phase.
Maybe WalMart locked in a low wholesale price based on expected volume. It's rare to see its shelf space fully stocked, which might be interpreted that somebody's buying the stuff. (and in many cases TropArtic's not even on the main motor oil aisle) Heads up, BITOGers: with this BP Alaskan north slope oil field shutdown, anticipate another round of motor oil price hikes.
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