Trouble Changing ESPN Provider Authentication

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Feb 6, 2010
Central Texas
What a RPITA this has been. Hopefully I'll save someone else some time. I'm using FF to access Watch ESPN, which had LOCKED ITSELF into my former cable/sat/subscription provider. No matter what I deleted/cleaned/reinstalled/ etc. it wouldn't let go. No help on espn's site either. Their 'chat-bot' went TILT/Tango Uniform for about 10min. before responding "recycle your modem". ESPN's customer service number is well hidden on their site. Calling it resulted in the worst quality message I'd ever heard...since an old ATT one. I began searching through FF history looking for a old link and found this: 26cookieTime%xxxxxxxxxxxxxRequesterID %3D%255B%2522ESPN%2522%255D%26NameIDFormat%3Durn%253Aoasis%253Anames%253Atc%253ASAML%253A2.0%253Anameid-format%253Atransient&id=860f0f07e7&coeff=1 It's trying to reach Dish through Adbe FP was out-of-date, so I updated, cleared, reset joy. I even dwnld'd Opera to start with a new browser other than FF. It wouldn't work with it either!! More confounding was I'd made the switch on a LT running FF! Meanwhile NCAA football is going by I'd like to watch..... The solution turned out to be that I'd not allowed any 3rd party cookies in FF. When I changed this switch to 'allow', closed, opened FF again, back to espn, chose the new provider, I was 're-directed' where I could log in, then was transferred back to espn. What a PITA......
I would have probably just downloaded chrome.. if I couldnt figure it out within 5min. usually if you hit the refresh firefox button it also works.
FF can be tricky. I had an issue with taking screen shots to prove I had paid a bill (for reimbursement) but it kept showing up in British pounds, so reimbursement kept getting denied. Finally found that somewhere sometime I must have accidentally changed the "language" parameter to English (UK). Changed it back to English (US) and the receipts now showed in dollars.
Well, joy didn't last long. ESPN is very, very slow...lots of spinning arc. Just abyssmal video quality. Long freezes. Took about 20min for the Sugar Bowl to come on and it's still frequently buffering....
yes its abysmal. Even the roku app which doesnt freeze nearly as much was chunking every 30s. Try internet explorer in a window (not full screen) sometimes that works tons better than firefox and chrome (no idea why) Watchespn is AWFUL and UNWATCHABLE most of the time. Its an EMBARRASSMENT.
Turns out I wasn't the only one having issues yesterday. Must have been network trouble in some parts. Some cable customers here experienced outages. I'll have to check out the 'replays'.
Wow...watching espn online to view the college championship bowl...just abyssmal video quality. Txtensive buffering, stopping, freezing, pixelation... People actually pay for this??? Half-time show was MUCH better....but who wants to watch that?? Interestingly, I found watching the sky-cam stream to have less freezing, far fewer commercials and more like watching a game....
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