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Welcome to the forum and it is nice to see someone else that acknowlegdes Phillips makes a engine oil!

They have quite a few neat oils for us as consumers to pick from and use high quality base stocks and everything they have is priced right as you probably know.

What oils of theirs have you been using ?
I have a 3100 mile oil anaylsis coming from ANA Laboratories of the 5/30 Trop Artic in a high mile motor that does not use oil to speak of,,will post when it comes in in which should be shortly.

A higher mile interval analysis on the Trop Artic 10/30 Turbo oil will be seen through analysis soon as well that is being ran in another motor.I am anxious to see that one!
FWIW, we have a 1988 Chevy 1/2 ton with the 4.3l V6 in it. It now has over 240,000 miles, all of it on TropArctic 5w30 and 10w30. Still runs like a top, uses about a quart every 3000 miles.
I also have had good luck with the Phillips oils in the past and now have switched back to their oils in our 3 vehicles and use the:
1. 5/30 Trop Artic PAO Synthetic in our 2000 Grand Marquis
2. 10/30 Phillips PAO Blend in our 2001 Toyota Echo with high miles soon to be replaced

2. The Phillips HD 15/40 in my 1974 Chevy Camper Special with a 454 motor.

Good oils at a great price for me . The oil filters are Wix with the Phillips name on them .
To: MNgopher. I live about 15 miles from Lakeville. Where do you buy Phillips oils at a reasonable price? I'm especially interested in their synthetic. Thanks. pmt
Well, the truck is way up north at the cabin and gets all of its service up there. No local source tips, I'm afraid.

I buy oil for my vehicles down here at Mills Fleet Farm. I typically wait until the oil I want is on sale, then buy in bulk (they typically specify a 48 or 60 quart limit).

I know they carry Mobil One, Valvoline, and I believe Castrol synthetic products, but not Phillips 66 synthetics. I'm pretty sure the Red Rooster in Apple Valley might carry them, though.
To: Pops Where did you learn that the Phillips full synthetic TropArtic is PAO based? Their website mentions the use of PAO in some of their blends, but on the fully synthetic 5W-50 and 5W-30 oils the info on the website really doesn't say what the synthetic base stock is. Unless I missed something. Thanks.
I learned it was a PAO through the MSDS on the Trop Artic Site about a month ago . Now I see it is being revamped and includes everything Conoco/Phillips makes and Conoco oils are on the site when they were not before. It appears the words synthesized hydrocarbons are missing from the MSDS on the 5/30 in which is probably a just mistake imo. I think any oil with a pour point of -60 F will be a full PAO oil.
Possibly Dragboat can tell you more . He has answered many of my emails concerning oils available in my area and told me what to look for in the MSDS's .
Thanks Pops. I'm still interested in the Phillips synthetic oil, but it is somewhat academic since none of my usual oil retailers (Red Rooster, WalMart, Fleet Farm) carry the stuff. Anyone out there know of some place in the Minneapolis area that sells TropArtic synthetic? I haven't tried a Phillips gas station, but suspect if they did have it the price might be pretty steep. Thanks in advance. pmt

Just look in the Yellow Pages for Wholesale oil Distributors that sell Phillips lubes . They will be glad to sell you oil at far less than gas station prices.

On another note it looks like there might be a new site supporter coming that will ship hard to come by oils to include the Euro oils from Castrol,Pennzoil ,Quakerstate ect ect all at rock bottom prices.They even can get us a 5 gallon bucket of additised pure PAO if wanted for 80 bucks! Add that to the Mobil Drive Clean!
Time will tell and I hope this all works out although the post is premature.
pmt - if you ar still around - I did find a retailer that carries nearly a full line of Phillips 66 Lubricants. Try Kath Auto Parts in St. Paul, located roughly at Little Canada Rd and Rice St. I was just there and they carry a nice variety of stuff - Phillips 66, Union 76, Kendall, Conoco, Valvoline, Mobil 1, and Amsoil products. They are a distributor for Phillips 66 in this area.
Since the topic was brought back to the top I found out last week the Trop Artic Turbo 10/30 and the Trop Artic 10/30 PAO blend will be stocked at all the Atwoods stores in Oklahoma very soon for those that are in the state,nearby or traveling through and interested in these oils
Phillips 66, 76 (no more Union), Kendall, and Conoco are all brands of ConocoPhillips. Anybody know if these oil conglomerates have different formulations for each brand aimed at the same market segment? Why bother?

The only ConocoPhillips brand I've seen on the West Coast is 76. Into the Rockies areas I see Conoco. I don't travel far enough to see Phillips 66.

Yep, I was aware of the connection between the brands. I have no idea if there are formulation differences between say 76 & 66 & Kendall, but I'm pretty sure the Phillips 66 and Conoco products remain different. The parts house I mentioned above is another business of Kath Oil, the oil distributor for those products in this region.

We used to have 76 (Old habit of calling it Union 76 creeped in before) up here, but they all converted to Citgo stations. Conoco and Phillps 66 both have a decent presence up here, with Phillips 66 being more prevalent.
As of right now each brand is still formulating their respective product, that is changing as consolidation is taking place.

Recent analysis of off the shelf products confirms this, who knows for future products.

Pennzoil and Shell is a similar situation, Johnny can shed more light on that one.


Originally posted by dragboat:
I found out last week the Trop Artic Turbo 10/30 and the Trop Artic 10/30 PAO blend will be stocked at all the Atwoods stores in Oklahoma

Could you help us to understand the differences b/t these two oils and do you think the blend can be extended to 7k miles?
I was looking at their data sheets the other night and noticed that they're not offering a 20W-50. I guess they decided that the 20W-50 folks are not profitable anymore.
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