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Dec 2, 2005
Does anyone know if this brand of oil is sold in the middle Ga. area? I have searching all of the dollar stores where everyone seems to get this oil and all that they have is STP oil and some brands that I have never heard of.
Have you tried WalMart? East of the Rockies, WalMart charges 1.48/qt. at last count where the retailer stocks it. Here on the west coast it's 4 cents more. Probably little hope of finding TropArtic synthetic blend for a buck a quart anymore. If you can locate 76 Super, Kendall GT-1, or Conoco All Season synthetic blends, they're alternate ConocoPhillips brands of the same formulation. "Pig Lots!" sporadically carries 76 Super synthetic blend.
Hey Ray thanks but all Wally sells here is Motorcraft which is a great oil but I was looking for the infamous Tropartic. Thanks for your reply. By "only Motorcraft", I mean Conoco Phillips products.
If everybody starts using words like "infamous" in regards to TropArtic, they're going to be raising their prices.
If you get the chance to attend their annual stockholders meeting, would you ask the movers and shakers after their endless self-congratulatory droning-on why the heck they don't start marketing their wares nationwide? (The rest of us would also be very grateful.)
No TA in Walmarts in my area either.
I don't even know what the bottle looks like.
Or German Castrol...

But, we do have Valu hardware stores.
They have Kendall GT-1 blend on sale for $1.39 per quart and there is a Kendall case rebate that brings the price down to $.99 per quart.
10W-30 and 5W-30 flavors.
Also made by ConnocoPhillips
Valu Current Ad
See bottom left of the page.

Yesterday I also saw the same oil for sale by quarts at our local Big Lots, but at a higher price.

Originally posted by BUDSHAD:
Yeah we have 5 Walmarts within 30 miles of each other and none of them have Tropartic.

Southern Illinois has it at all their stores. 1.48 right now. I wish they came in the 5qt jug though.
Washington has it at Wally's, just wish somebody would get the 5w20 stocked. Have one more 5w30 change left for the wife's van, then I get to start on the next member of the Conoco family. Picked up 2 cases of Union Super 76 Blend for 57 cents a quart, hopefully Joe's will have another sale on it

Originally posted by Racerjk:
If you can find it, buy all of it you can. It sure seems to be a very good oil especially for the price!

Which raises the question...What is Conoco-Phillips doing that it's competitors aren't that results in such a good price/quality product? Maybe saving $ by not advertising it heavily? I think I've seen magazine ads for it...but nothing more.

I have noticed the walmarts in my areahave been moving this oil mainly the 10w30 more lately. I cleaned the 5w30 out at one 12 qts.1.48. They have sense got more.

Originally posted by GrtArtiste:
Which raises the question...What is Conoco-Phillips doing that it's competitors aren't that results in such a good price/quality product?

Well, for one thing, CP scored a coup of sorts by locking in an attractive contract price on Group III base oils from Korean S-Oil. I believe CP is the U.S. distributer and almost certainly uses the stuff in their own synthetic blend oils. Terry opined shortly after these oils debuted that there might also be an ester correction component in addition to the Group II and Group III base oils. Whatever its merits, the thought has occured to me that with the continuing tight supply of base oils, CP's business stratigists may've come to the conclusion that selling a good finished oil on the cheap may be counterproductive for the one thing all companies are in business to make: M-O-N-E-Y. Why should they knock themselves out churning out a superior, reasonably priced finished oil when they're sitting on a veritable gold mine of contracted Group III base oil supply that can only become more valuable as the price of crude continues to escalate? Hate to say it, but the ethereally brief golden age of one great, affordable motor oil may be drawing to a close. Hope I'm wrong. Afraid I'm right.
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