TropArtic vs Formula Shell

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Oct 7, 2002
Evansville, In.
As far as "gas station" brands of oil are concerned, which of these 2 is the best? Some like Shell because of its inherent cleaning ability and some such as Dragboat like the TropArtic because of its premium base stocks and moly (at least in the turbo oil).

What are the specs on Formula Shell? I wonder if we get this oil up here at our Shell stations and if it's the same stuff or not?
My assumption is that the Formula Shell is much like the last gen. Equilon Havoline, and quite possibly like SuperTech in the next few months when production is shifted out of Shreveport.

I've also heard that Shell was different in different parts of the country-- although this might have been the CR story on taxis and oils--probably Fire and Ice back then.
As for Shell, the only item that comes close to being even somewhat impressive (as per the MSDS), is the Helix Ultra 5W40:

65% Group III [A PAO wannabe]
25% Group I, II
1.5% Ester [multipurpose] for additive solubility, AW, FM, anti-corrosion.
1.5% Detergent Dispersant, anti-corrosion
1.5% Viscosity Index Improver

BTW, their Genesis server is screwed up. When you want to look at technical specs, a secure document warning comes up and then you get a server error.
Thanks MolaKule,I always wondered if they made a oil I would personnaly use. Guess not

Here is a VOA of the 5/40 Rotella,this is not instrument noise IMO ,,it actually looks as though it is a UOA

A post about a Shell Oil Recall:;f=4;t=000052

And a VOA of Formula Shell 10/30;f=11;t=000070

The SL Shell oils have nothing special in them to enhance cleaning abilities IMO,I don't know where that came from ?
I am fond of the Conoco/Phillips products but have to admit the best part of the Plain Trop Artic 10/30 is it's superior cold weather performance and fuel milaege which is the same or better than some 5/30's,the Artic 5/30,,well it aproaches some synlubes and PAO blends in that area of cold weather performance. The Turbo has a TBN of 13 and has Moly,a TBN of 13 in a SL is cool and it seems to Aunt Minnie well along with potential longer drains from first hand experience through actual use and analysis. I personally would use Motorcraft " Conoco " which holds it's TBN very well before the 10/30 Plain Trop Artic in all but severe cold. The Motorcraft and the Turbo would be quite close in performance I believe and I would absolutly love to see either of these low cost oils ran back to back comparisons to the high buck Syntec.

Some of us wish Mobil SS was available in two 30 wt VI's,one closer to 12.49,,well Phillips offers 3 different 10/30's to choose from. The Turbo being somewhat a more high performance oriented oil and a true PAO blend 10/30
I am not a oil expert but do have the abiltiy to distinguish brand loyalties vs performance. These are some good oils. Does 260k on plain Trop Artic 10/30 used since day one in a 1987 Nissan PU account for anything in a low cost oil ? Good motor yes but did not receive the 3 month-3k type intervals. That was a Ex-Neighbor of mines truck.

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Well Formula Shell 5,10W30 10W40 and 15W40 Rottella T are not API licensed in Ontario anyways. Never had any problems with the stuff but never ran it much past 3000 miles either.
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