TropArctic 5W30 syn blend has disappeared from my Wal-Mart

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Jan 31, 2005
SW Ohio
TropArctic 5W30 synthetic blend has disappeared from my local Wal-Mart...not even a place on the shelf for it anymore. They still have some 10W30 synthetic blend. Is this an isolated case...has anyone else seen this? I heard that a ConocoPhillips refinery in the Gulf took a big hit and will be offline for awhile...I'm wondering if this oil is one of the affected products.

I stocked up awhile ago, so I'm good until Spring.
It was a ConocoPhillips gasoline/fuel refinery at Belle Chase, LA, that suffered storm damage.

The ConocoPhillips Excel Paralubes base oil plant, located at Westlake, LA,(western Louisiana) did not report any significant damage from Katrina.

I would assume the 5W-30 issue has more to do with Walmart & shelf stocking decisions, rather than anything on the ConocoPhillips side.
They may have added another row for the Motorcraft brand there. Each oil company only gets so much space & Wal*Mart only wants the best sellers that yield the most profit.
It might be more of a fact that Wal-Mart did not get the price point it wanted. So the product is not carried any more (not as much profit margin) and Conoco/Phillips did not want to sell to Wal-Mart for that low of a margin, ie: .02 per can when they can get 5 or more cents a can at other retailers.....
For what it's worth...the TropArctic semi-syn seemed to moving pretty good...I bought the last 5 quarts of 5W30.
In this neck of the woods (S-E MI), I see the 5w30@ $1.3x, whereas the 10w30@ $1.24. We are in the middle of a wave of price hikes on petro products. So maybe only the 5w30 in your area is suffering from this hit.
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