Trop Artic 5w-50?

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Jul 15, 2002
Im not sure what y'all think but...these specs do look awesome! Of course, specs usually always look better on paper, but it dont mean that they always perform like they should-right? They also sell a 5w-30 too. Their dino oil is also called Trop Artic and is a base II. To my knowledge, they are the ONLY oil maker that sells their oil over the counter and claims to be a group II oil. Nevertheless, here is the info:  - Typical Properties: Values are representitive of current production SAE Number Grade ------------ 5W-50 Stock Number 42980 API Gravity 31.4 Flash Point, C (F) 220 (428) Pour Point, C (F) -50 (-58) cP @ -25 C (-13 F) 2,300 cSt @ 40 C (104 F) 98.4 cSt @ 100 C (212 F) 18.4 Viscosity Index 208 Sulfated Ash, % 0.70 [ July 18, 2002, 05:42 PM: Message edited by: Chris J. ]
Maybe if you need a thick oil thats a good one to use, but man thats scary thick at running temperature - you'd think it'd cause some problems in US cars.
i wouldnt either but....if one compares it to other 5w-50 oils, then one can see just how good it is. IMHO.
Chris J: "To my knowledge, they are the ONLY oil maker that sells their oil over the counter and claims to be a group II oil." I think there are others ... and many manufacturers use different "psuedo-technical" terms to descrive the same thing. in short, while this may be a good oil, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the marketing speak. If Pennzoil is Group II+, it has them beat. [Wink]
Bror, just Timkened some Pennzoil 10W30 SL dino and best dino seen so far (and we have tested a bunch). I'm starting to believe the syn to dino gap has closed a fair bit particularly with blends like Schaeffers S7000 available.
Dominic, very different thinking here in Oz re viscosity. were more closelyalihned to European way of thinking. Most engines here are from the US manufacturers (LS1, Windsor, Clevelands etc) and most oil sold is 20W50. 5W50 for real oil freaks. When I mention using 0W40 M1, as I did for a while, people think I'm a fruit loop. Even 25W70 not uncommon here. I really believe CAFE stds skew US thinking on oil viscosity. For instance Maxlife only available here in 20W50, and Mobil refuse to import M1 0W30 or 5W30 as in their own words "about as useful as a hip pocket in a singlet" Hmmm better keep Aussie idioms out of it or I'll create real confusion.
Originally posted by Dominic: Hmmm... perhaps I would do well then to change my 10W-30 to a 10W-40 soon [Smile]
You're better off with a 15w40 then a 10w40, less VI improvers, and in your warm climate the 15w40 would do just fine.
I use 10W30 in my Jeep. The TropArtic 10W30 specs look pretty good to me. TropArtic® 10W-30 Motor Oil Meets the latest API GF-3 specifications. API SL + EC = GF-3. SAE Grade ------------ 10W-30 Stock Number ---- 42860 Specific Gravity - .8667 Flash Point COC, C (F) 222 (432) Pour Point, C (F) -36 (-33) cP @ -25 C 4936 cSt @ -40 C (104 F) 70 cSt @ 100 C (212 F) 10.16 Viscosity Index 139 Sulfated Ash, % 0.8 Meets Commercial Specifications* Ford M2C153-G Chrysler MS-6395 American Motors
Personally Chris J, I shun wide viscosity motor oil. Just too many long molecule VII's to shear and turn to sludge, increasing viscosity further and reducing fuel mileage. I think Patman said it best, if you want a higher viscosity oil, assuming your owner's manual allows it, then go for the 15W40. I use 10W30 synthetic because I believe it to have the least VII's to sludge back, the best "centrist" viscosity- in terms of hydrodynamic film protection, and because going any thinner increases wear; whereas going thicker reduces gas mileage. Most modern American engines and Japaneese engines today have rather tight clearances, so you don't want to run too thick an oil, or the oil flow will not be sufficient enough to cool bearings. Now, if you have a European car with large clearances, or a well used daily driver with high mileage, then the higher vis. (higher grades) will suffice.
nice spec sheets, but how's the additive package to any of these oils? I thought that was more important than the spec sheets or base stock. [I dont know]
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