Triton V8

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Jul 11, 2003
Phila., PA
specifically the 5.4L engine(02', currently 15K miles).....being that Ford sells quite a few F150's, I'm sure there's been many UOA's on this engine. I'm seeking the best cold weather oil to use, keeping in mind the "close tolerance" issues with this motor(Ford requests using thier 5W-20 semi-syn). My particular truck has a slight lifter noise(2 or 3 seconds) in the AM after sitting all night. I'm currently using M1 5W-30 with the FL 820S filter. Why is the top of my motor losing oil overnight?, is it because I'm using a thin synthetic? Is there an oil that might have the properties, additives, to lessen the noise? I'll be changing the oil early Sept., so I'm trying to get some info now for the cold months, it can get quite cold here in Philly, not exactly Buffalo, but close. I'll be doing an UOA on the M1 with Terry in Sept., when I'll have about 3 - 3.5K miles, which I'll post here.
Any opinions on which oil may be better for this engine?, Schaeffers, Amsoil?

I'm in the Philly area and it can and Did get cold, especially last winter! I have the same problem, but using different oils didn't really help. Amsoil made my engine louder for some reason. I'd maybe give Mobil 1 0w-20, 0w-30 or Amsoil 0w-30 a try. I am surprised that M1 5w-30 is giving you a noise. I would think that with the engine clearances being so tight on these new engines, if that is things have changed over the years, that Mobil 1, being on the thin side would help this. Give the others a shot and see what happens. Remember though, that noise is not something an oil will fix, but only hide.
I hate to be the beared of bad news but a vast majority of engines will make a little noise when first started after sitting overnight in cold weather. The noise is not a problem and was most likely there all along but you never even noticed. Soon as you put in synthetic oil, you began to pay more attention to things. Our F150 at work always had a lifter rattle in the AM and it never had any synthetic oil, always whatever the quick-lube put in. Since the leasign company owned and maintained the truck we did not have any say in it at all. We did drive the truck for 8 yrs and 125,000 very hard miles and the engine was still good when it went to auction. btw-That was the only thing on the truck that lasted, everything was replaced at least once, trans 2x, brakes 10x, steering box, 1x, front axle 1x, paint faded.
I used Mobil1 in my F150 (5.4L) last winter, I did not notice any unusual noises nor did she have any problems starting. We had a very mild winter, however a few -30F mornings to tolerate.
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