Tried GC Gold today in Toyota Camry A+

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Feb 4, 2005
Placebo effect or not, this is a great oil. I think that my 98' Toyota Camry I4 engine really likes the thicker 30w oil. My only real signs of improvements are the quieter engine and far less vibration in the steering wheel. I will have a better feel for it as time wears on.

Glad I took the time to switch. Now I have to get a loan and develop a huge stockpile of GC Gold.
Im debating if i should switch to gold GC in my 2002 tacoma v6 when my amsoil series 3000 is up. So far i dont get the noise that i used to get with their ASL 5W30. I may run this batch till next fall with the stock toyota filter and do analysis.
I recently switched to GC GOLD in my mother's 05 camry 2az-fe...its running great...fuel economy suffered ever so slightly though...but that could be anything...I will moniter the mileage from here on...
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