transam using oil

I have a 1999 TA with a 6 speed, I get the oil changed every 3-4000 miles. The last two changes have shown oil down 1-1.5 quarts eacvh time. Pontiac dealer says thats NORMAL? Does not make sense to me. ANy ideas on how ot fix?


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Oakville, Ontario
This is a very common problem with the LS1s, it is both a problem with the PCV system and with the rings on the engine. If you visit both and and do a search there on oil consumption, you'll find literally hundreds of posts on the subject. Here are some recent links on the PCV issue and how to fix it though:;f=24;t=003290;f=1;t=003372;f=1;t=001709;f=1;t=006488#000003 FWIW, I used to own a 98 Formula and had no oil burning problems at all in the 27k I had the car. Although it's new owner now has problems. Some of the oil burning has been attributed to driving style too, they say those that do light loads at higher rpms burn more oil (such as if you leave the tranny in a lower gear around town and rev at 3000rpm)