Trans filters-some better than others?

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Aug 9, 2014
South Tx usa
I am going to change my ATF on my 98 Jeep w/4.0L and 32 RH trans. Dealer does not have this filter in stock. Who makes the best aftermarket filter-sold at auto store?. i will be using castrol Tranmax +4 fluid, and want a good filter.
Just picked up an Auto Extra (should be made by WIX) from Rock Auto yesterday for the AW in the XJ in my sig-I'll put up some pix when it comes in next week.
I would go with a WIX. Make sure you do not end up with a cheapie cork gasket. Sometimes they include a cheap gasket with the filter. Toss it and get a good one.

Install a Magnefine inline filter and forget about changing the internal filter for a good long time.
Yes 32RH trans -like I posted. I can get a Wix brought in (from O'reily), after calling around to see what is available. I am guessing everyone perfers the black rubber gaskets VS the cork. (rubberized cork used to be the norm some time ago).
Can you get an OEM gasket even if you can't get an OEM filter? I find OEM gaskets superior to almost every aftermarket transmission gasket.

Also, I see numerous OEM filters marked "SPX/Filtran." If you can find an SPX/Filtran transmission filter, you basically have an OEM unit. Some aftermarket filters are from SPX/Filtran, even if the box has a label from some other company.
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