Trailer electric brakes (electric)

My Silverado will alarm. I had one shorted out on my trailer. It actually said check trailer wiring. Never blew a fuse, never messed up the controller.
Actually I don't want the trailer brakes to do anything. The load in trailer will be patio furniture, maybe riding lawnmower. My pickup can easily handle the braking. Just want to make sure the trailer wiring does not cause any issues for the truck.
I think its reasonable to expect the truck manufacturer has protected the brake controller from trailer issues given the number of trailers with faulty wiring.
In my 2011 Ram 1500 the fuse would blow. Since having rhe wiring fixed many years back, I have had no issues with my 2017 so cannot say what it would do.
More likely to have a short in the lights. For a long time Ford has had separate circuits and separate fuses for the trailer lights. If there is a short in the trailer that fuse will blow, but the lights on the truck will still work.