Tractor supply destroyed their once good bar & chain oil. Now what?

Just mix in a little STP, or that crap Lucas Oil sells they put into that machine, with the gears attached to that crank. I think they call it "Oil Stabilizer", or some such.
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Do this:

So I tried the "Cam2" brand bar and chain oil from rural king. It is $8.99 per gal which is the cheapest I can find in 2023. I stocked up on some. It is not thick but also no like water either. Im ok with it, not impressed however. Something happened over covid which caused all brands the thin out their formula. Not happy with this change.

This is the only one left and I cannot find it anywhere:
Last time I was in Menards I picked up a couple of gallons of Poulan Pro bar and chain oil for $9 each.