Toyota MR2 SuperCharger Oil recommendation

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Jun 17, 2003
Montreal, Canada
Hey guys,

haven't posted in a while, so forgive my absenteeism due to school.

I have a quick question with respects to a Toyota MR2 - MK1 - 4AGZE.

My friend is up for an oil change, since from what I understood, the same oil has been in the SC for the past 15 years.

Upon contacting toyota it seems that the price for SC oil is $50 USD for 30cc.

I'd like to know if there are any substitutes available for this oil. Either by Red Line, RP, Amsoil, Mobil1, etc.

Thanks guys. And it feels good to be back again.
I think this is a roots type, so it will be like a 90W synthetic gear oil. I don't know enough to make a recommendation. I doubt it's any more special than this.

Anyway, welcome back.
Or, use the GM/Ford/Jaguar.... SC oil from their eatons. $50 for 30cc is robbery.
I'd do a search for MR2 forums and check with them to see what substitutes are out there.

I know you can get Eaton supercharger oil from any GM dealer for about $6-8 for 4 oz.

You don't want to guess as to supercharger oils. Superchargers can have very specific lubricicity requirements. In the case of the Eaton superchargers, the oil becomes very frothy which helps lubricates the bearings. It's also the worst smelling substance on the planet!!! I'd guess it's about a 20-30 wt oil. It's nowhere close to a 90W.

P.S. And I though the GM oil was a rip off!!

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Don't use the Eaton type stuff!!

The older T-Bird and Bonneville SC used a roots type system, so GM or Ford could be a source, but make no assumptions. Very different from the new stuff.

Hopefully one of the CLS reps will chime in here.
Thanks for the reply guys.

I did search for the specs of MR2 supercharger oil but without any success.

That means that either the info isn't posted online or (more likely) I can't search the internet for my life.

And the MR2 people (forums) don't seem to know what i'm talking about.
I had a supercharged thunderbird, and it has the eaton roots m90 supercharger. The gm put a m90 supercharger on a few of its cars (gtp, etc) The GM dealer was far cheaper than the ford dealer on the same oil.

Also, some guys were using turbine oil in the blower with very good results. They get the turbine oil at the local air strip, and it was much cheaper than any of the dealers.

Last I checked the TRD super chargers were Eaton types just like GM's and Fords. I would eaton and ask them if they make the Toyota Superchargers. IF the answere is yes then Iwould use GM's. It is not that expensive when you look at how seldom you change it and how little it takes.
I think eaton has the rights to roots type blowers in the US. So it's 99% likely it's an eaton. It's amazing how many people don't even know it needs to be changed/filled. I've heard many storys of ignorant dealers filling them with synthetic motor oil and ruining them.

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