Toyota Matrix issue

May 18, 2009
Sarasota, FL
I have a 2007 Toyota Matrix, the ABS has always been on when stopped and it has never been an issue.
Lately the cruise light started blinking and at the same time, the car would idle low (like 500rpm) and the AC would start blowing hot.

Took it to my local mechanic and he recharged the AC, cleaned the throttle body, checked the front speed sensors (they're fine), and disconnected the battery for a while.

The car ran great for 4 days.
Now the issue is back, but the AC blows cold as long as the engine is revving, at a stoplight I can rev it in neutral and get cold air. Cruise light blinks again.. and it idles low enough to get shakey.

I disconnected the battery again for a couple hours..
the problem went away for that night that I was driving it.

Today, again same problem.. cruise light blinks, it idles low, and the compressor shuts off. It clicks on as soon as I give it gas.
Jun 15, 2003
What if the throttle position sensor went screwy?

What happens if you turn the car off and restart it, therefore re-zeroing "zero"?

I'd look at all your live data for fits and blurps.
May 18, 2012
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
The AC is probably blowing hot due to the low idle...
The cruise light blinking is due to something else.. I'm thinking some sort of misfire? So the cruise light blinking, like the warm AC is another symptom, not the cause. The real problem is likely to be some sort of electrical issue like a loose spark plug wire, bad brake switch, or a bad piece of wire someplace.