Toyota Highlander

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Nov 6, 2002
I just took a Highlander for a drive. We've got a lot of snow so I thought it might be fun, but it's not. If you give it any gas while turning on a snowy surface, it just shuts the engine down and goes into understeer. Pushing the traction control button on and off has no effect. I guess it's a dummy switch. Who actually buys these things? That's a rhetorical question, of course.
You obviously do not know how to properly modulate the throttle, and require the vehicle to do it for you. You would be an out of control maniac if the vehicle didn't control your aggressive driving. You should be happy that Toyota makes a vehicle where you years of experience driving in snow become meaningless.
I drove a Highlander in a blizzard, not on purpose, and it did just fine. I was happy for the help to computer gave me. The only mods were the Blizzak snow tires. In some places it was fun, getting down the road in such terrible weather.
I enjoy driving in snow. Love it, in fact. I to NOT want a computer hitting the brakes for me. Traction control, that's fine, especially if I can turn it off - but turning a vehicle into an understeering mess is not something I'm interested in.

- Glenn
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