Toyota Engine Pics- Under Valve Cover

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Jul 24, 2010
Mckinney, TX
Changed the passenger side valve cover gasket today. 1st time the cover has been opened up in 13yrs/132k miles. Looks clean to me. Any thoughts on the camshafts? _________________________ 99 Toyota LandCruiser OEM Filter(90915-20004) M1 HM 5w-30 04 Acura RL OEM Filter(15400-PCX-004) M1 EP 5w-30
Looks pretty darn clean to me, especially for a ricer. I thought they sludged up way before 100,000. You must be taking exceptional care of it. Keep up the good work. Mobil 1 is really good at keeping engines going looooong.
Since you did not specify what model or year motor that is, I'm going to venture a guess that it is a 2UZ-FE 4.6L V8; the UZ family of motors has legendary reliability and if you keep up with the timing belt change interval of ~100,000 miles the motor is guaranteed to outlast the rest of the car. It is a 400-500,000 mile motor.
Looks great. Oil brand? OCIs? Those spark plug tube seals can be trying at times to remove and replace. Don't forget the black FIPG in the critical areas.
I bought the 99 landcruiser 1 year ago. It previously had 1 owner and not sure of the oil or OCI's, but I know they serviced it regularly through toyota dealership. 12k miles ago I changed over to the M1 HM 5w-30 (7500k OCI) and the awesome 90915-20004 toyota oil filter. I added a few more pics and my signature is back up now. Had to dance with the admin some to get this post started. Yeah, I have alreay seen a couple of these rigs with 400k on the clock and still going strong! Toyota- Oh what a feeling :-)
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Nice. I have that same engine on my truck. I just hope I don't have to pull the valve covers off that thing. Had to change the valve covers off the older version of this engine (1UZ in 1st gen lexus ls400) and it was more complicated than just changing the gasket. Don't forget the spark plug tube seals, circle/half-circle pieces, grommets, fipg in the corners, oil change, etc.
The Toyota/Lexus V8 engines, 1UZ-FE and 2UZ-FE, are very easy on oil. That why I do 6-7k/6mo OCI with dino or 12-14k/12mo with syn since new.
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Looks pretty darn clean to me, especially for a ricer. I thought they sludged up way before 100,000.
Why do you say that?
How'd you get the Japanese filters? They are the ones with the "funky" filter material.
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