toyota camry

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Sep 24, 2005
Hi Guys. My stock tyre size is 20565R15 is there any advantage if i select 21560R15 or 21565R15? Will my fuel economy increase/decrease? Cheers. Bob. [Cheers!]
There will be more differences between tires than between the same tire in a different size. My advice would be to stay with the original size. It was incredibly popular so the prices will be low.
215/60/15 10mm wider, probably not a noticable handling difference in a Camry. 215/65/15 10mm wider, with a slightly taller sidewall which stands to improve ride / decrease handling response, and make your speedo read slightly slow. I'd stick with the stock size, unless you can find either of the two other sizes cheaper.
we didnt worry about handling or speedometer for the VI - there are no highways, youre lucky to go over 45 MPH, and mileage is a useless metric. Of course, here in the states, its totally different. I dont see a real issue with the speedometer reading incorrectly - so long as youre aware of it and compensate accordingly. Handling prowess is another issue, though the actual realized difference is probably quite small. JMH
my fiancee's mother has a camry in the USVI. Whe bumped up aspect ratio 5%, to prevent scraping on bumps and curves - driving is very severe there. JMH
I think fuel economy would decrease with wider tires. For best fuel economy, stick with stock specs, or move down to slimmer tires, sacrificing handling for better fuel economy.
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