"Toyota Approved Oil"

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Dec 7, 2003
Outer Banks, NC
I participate in a Camry forum on yahoo, and someone had a question about Mobil 1 and Dino oils. I mentioned this site and the general consensus about the good dino's and about synthetics and the great info on this site. I was jumped on by one of the regular posters there calling this site a place for botique oil distributors to sell their wares. This clown claimed Toyota has oil blended to their specs and to use anything else is foolish. I wonder if anyone has done an oil analysis on Toyota oil and compared it with major brands, or can give me any info to counter his attack.
Yep....on scheduled production runs, Drive Clean is packaged in the familar blue bottles.....On other scheduled runs, Drive clean is packaged in Toyota bottles, Honda bottles, Mopar bottles, Goodwrench bottles....etc. You get the picture. How do I know?....I spent some time in their packaging plant in Beaumont, TX.
one of the regular posters there calling this site a place for botique oil distributors to sell their wares
Translation: people who know much more than I about oil......... This is the Rainbow Colalition of oils....it doesn't matter the color of the label....all are welcome!!
I wonder if that is the same poster who was on here who insisted on genuine Toyota antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, freon, washer fluid, air for the tires, etc.
There are people that have uncompromising attitudes on their favorite whatever. This promotes complete disregard of any evidence that tends to refute their cherished loyalty to whatever they become stuck on. Maybe many of us have a certain amount of that on varying subjects. For instance, I am Christian. I have read many articles attempting to refute this as a valid point of view or belief. None of this has swayed me in the least. The subject of oils have people just as dedicated to their favorite brand and no evidence will influence their choice in the matter. I noticed this when I was with Bob and he had me run some tests of various of oils on his Tempkin (sp.?) machine. I wrote about some of the results and there were responses that showed traces of anger from some who apparently didn't like the results. I definitely learned there are some oils with weak shear resistance that I absolutely would not put into my crankcases. For those who demostrated frustraton with the results I have absolutely no problem with what they use. None whatsoever. Actually I appreciate the fact all can decide for themselves what they will use and am fully supportive of their choices. I am fully tolerant of their having their views. As for myself, I very much appreciate what Bob allowed me to do which allowed me to see major shear resistance differences in various motor oils. Botique oils? So what? I have learned on this site that there are many very good and mediocre oils out there. I'm willing to change brands if something shows great promise of another being better for my application. I appreciate learning there is no holy grail of oils. Please get this: I very much appreciate the very knowledgeable people (and we have some very excellent ones) who share so much with the rest of us.
Originally posted by sbc350gearhead: With the way we sing the praises of buck a quart chevron supreme, I wouldn't exactly call this a site for boutique oils. [Roll Eyes]
I believe the last time we did a survey on here, more people use conventional oil than anything else too, so this site certainly doesn't have a higher percentage of people using higher cost oils. This is the beauty of this site, and one thing Bob always liked, was that it isn't geared towards any oil in particular, not even the Schaeffer Oil he sold, but instead it is a site which allows people to discuss all brands of oil.
Originally posted by Studebaker: This clown claimed Toyota has oil blended to their specs and to use anything else is foolish.
This is an opinion, not a fact. He is attempting to dissuade people from doing anything else except using the manufacutrer's own fluids using nothing else but his opinion. Personally, I prefer to be persuaded with facts. And the facts show beyond a doubt that he is wrong. I currently have 197,500 miles on my Corolla, and it hasn't seen a Toyota filter or Toyota oil since its first oil change.
I'd love to see a UOA of toyota oil after a 5k run in a sludgemaker v6. That would probably do the trick. BTW give me a link to the board as I have an Avalon also. Frank [Cheers!]
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