toyota 4x4 gets driven 500 miles/year

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Oct 22, 2005
northern sierra,ca
i use this truck as a fire wood truck and as a spare vehicle to get out when the snow is bad. what is the opinion on the oci for this vehicle? does it help to start it every month?
I'd drive it for 10-15 miles at highway speeds once a week, to make sure everything is working peroperly. Change the oil/filter once-a-year with the correct oil and it'll be sufficient.

Run a an HDEO in it and change it once a year.
It doesn't do a bit of good to start it unless you plan on driving it long enough to get all the fluids thoroughly warmed up.
I would be more Concerned about keeping the tires out of sunlight and the battery charged for when you"need" the 4x4. In fact you could make a year on any Properly rated motor oil at this mileage as long as you get it good and warm when you start it.
Living where you live I would be using it as a Toy more often on some of the scenic trails you have.
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