Toyota 4Runner 3.4L 5VZFE. 5W30 QS Defy HM

Jan 29, 2012
Just got my results for my 1998 Toyota 4Runner with the 3.4L 5VZFE engine. Currently has 326,000 kms on the engine. 7782 km oil change interval on 5W30 Quaker State Defy High Mileage. Note that the lab had a typo and that the oil is actually 5W30, NOT 5W20. Some concerns: 1. Has my viscosity sheared down to a 5W20 after only 7800 kms? 2. There is a warning about my lead being a tad high. Is this of concern? Everything else on the analysis looks great for such a high mileage engine. Currently running 5W30 on Pennzoil Platinum with no consumption issues or leaks.